Matcha Cake with Spicy Ginger Ice Cream

I have to hand it to the Japanese; they really know how to make you sweat at the dinner table. From serving up awe inducing, blood red raw horsemeat to a jellied drink made with pig placenta (you’re just going to have to look that one up to believe me), Japanese experimental cuisine has invited both encouragement and nausea into my kitchen.

To those of us who tinker in the kitchen attempting to frivolously induct odd ingredients into an amorous, if not idiosyncratic, marriage, their approach of shaking up the culinary normative as not a frivolous plight, but with unencumbered inspiration, is encouraging. “It’s extremely poisonous you say?” I’d imagine a Japanese chef inquiring about a new bulk shipment, “we should market that to small children.”

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Lamb Nuggets with Mint Mustard Sauce. And also Lamb Testicles.

Lamb NuggetsIn Asia, the UK and the general South Pacific, lamb serves as a staple to everyday cuisine, but is not something many Americans are well acquainted with.   Strangely enough, there are quite a few Americans averse to other meat sources outside of the ubiquitous pork, chicken and beef-centric meals, but have absolutely no qualms with natural sausage casing, which we all know used to house the excrement of swine. Life is weird, huh?

In a culinary environment where the typical fare runs supreme, we Americans tend to overlook the other wealth of meats available to us, usually hidden away in a small corner of the dark recesses of the meat freezer at every grocery store.  Meats that I gravitate toward with the same proclivity of morally bankrupt bovine toward internet porn. Meats from animals including ostrich and kangaroo. When I tell people this they look at me like I have a parasitic twin growing from my face. Which I do, but staring is still goddamn rude.

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