Best Affordable Stand Mixers

If there is one thing we can thank the United Kingdom for, it is the Great British Bake Off. 

A glorious show where a group of ordinary Brits try and on occasion fail to bake a variety of different sweet and savory treats on the path to being crowned Britain’s best baker.

While we may watch the Bake Off with the main intention of amusement when things go wrong, it is also amazing to see the ideas these individuals design come into fruition, and in particular, the show-stoppers can be simply breathtaking.

If there is one thing the Bake Off has taught us, it’s that anyone can bake... You just need a good stand mixer. 

Now, what is a stand mixer you ask?

Basically, it is like an electric whisk except it can do all the mixing for you with just a simple click of a button.

No more standing around rotating the whisk around the bowl while getting ingredients all over your kitchen in the process. No more blood, sweat, and tears from hours of mixing ingredients by hand. No more icing sugar on your ceiling as soon as you press go on the whisk. Simply add all your ingredients, set the speed and you are good to go. 

Best Affordable Stand

Understandably, there are a huge amount of stand mixers on the market in various color options with different size bowls and a variety of other functions.

It can be difficult to find the right one for you, but we’re here to remove the stress with this helpful guide to the best affordable stand mixers on the market and things to watch out for when making a purchase.

Follow this guide and we’ll make a Star Baker of you in no time.

In a hurry?

If you just can’t wait to get baking why not consider the Aucma Stand Mixer?

This excellent stand mixer comes with a variety of different features which make baking easier, including: 

  • 6 optimized speeds, including a pulse function, making it perfect for a variety of recipes.
  • 6.5-quart large capacity bowl, perfect for big mixtures, with handles for an easy hold.
  • Tilt head design to easily attach and detach the bowl and other attachments when necessary.
  • Comes complete with 3 mixing attachments: a whisk, dough hook, and a mixing beater, as well as a splash guard to reduce mess.

Top 5 Best Affordable Stand Mixers


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Our favorite stand mixer on the market is the Aucma 6.5QT Stand Mixer.

This device is built with a 660-watt high-performance copper motor which allows the stand mixer to operate at 6 different speeds with a pulse function also included.

This device is not only fast, but it is also extremely quiet with an operating noise of less than 76dBA, allowing you to mix your cake batter or knead dough without the noise interfering too severely. 

It has a 6.5quart capacity bowl which allows for large mixtures and also comes complete with handles for convenience, which is very helpful when the mixture is particularly heavy. Additionally, it has an LED light power indicator, a tilt-head design allowing you to easily attach and detach the bowl and other accessories.

It comes with 3 mixing accessories including a whisk, dough hook and mixing beater, and also a splash guard to reduce the amount of mess created during the process. With no notable drawbacks, it is clear to see why we think this is the best stand mixer on the market. 


  • 660W high-performance copper motor
  • 6-speed options with a pulse function
  • Low operation noise of less than 76dBA
  • 6.5QT capacity bowl for big mixtures
  • Tilt head design to easily attach/detach the equipment
  • Splash guard and access hatch for reduced mess while mixing


  • No notable drawbacks


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Another excellent product to consider is the Sincalong 8.5QT stand mixer.

This device has a huge 8.5QT bowl and is designed for mixing large mixtures making it perfect for big families or preparing for parties. It comes with 6+1 different speed options, including a 6-speed controller ranging from a slow stir to a vigorous mix, with an additional function designed for delicate mixtures such as egg whites and creams.

This device comes complete with 3 attachments allowing you to complete a variety of tasks, including a whisk, C-shape dough hook, and a Y-shape flat beater.

Similar to the last product it has a tilt-head design allowing you to easily install the necessary attachments and also has anti-slip silicone cups to attach it to your work surface for steadiness while the machine is in use.

With all these amazing features, there is no question that this is one of the best stand mixers money can buy.


  • Large 8.5QT capacity bowl
  • 6+1 speed options covering a variety of tasks
  • 3 attachment options including a dough hook, whisk, and flat beater
  • Anti-slip silicone cups for steadiness while in use
  • Tilt-head design for easy installation process


  • Does not include a splash guard


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The next product on this list is the Cuisinart SM-50BK stand mixer.

This device comes with a powerful 500-watt motor that can tackle the heaviest of mixing tasks with 12 different speed options. It has a durable metal construction, with a tilt-back head design for easy attachment and detachment of the different parts, and easy access to the bowl itself.

Its 12 speed-options makes it the perfect mixer for any task, and it also comes with a variety of additional attachments including a chef’s whisk, a dough hook, a flat paddle, and also a splash guard to reduce mess while in operation.

This device is the perfect stand mixer if you want to be able to complete a variety of different tasks, and without a doubt, it is one of the best on the market. 


  • 500W motor
  • 12-speed options
  • Attachments including chefs whisk, dough hook, and flat paddle
  • Splash guard to reduce mess
  • Tilt-back design for easy access to the bowl 


  • Works better with large recipes


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The Kuppet 4.7QT stand mixer is also an excellent option to consider.

This device has a tilt-head design for easy access to the bowl and easy attachment of the accessories as and when needed, as well as an LED light power indicator.

It comes with 8-speed options making it an excellent choice for any recipe, with a 4.7QT stainless steel bowl, and 3 additional attachments including a wire whip, dough hook, and a flat beater, as well as a splash guard, to reduce mess.

A number of its components including the bowl, wire whip, and beater are dishwasher safe allowing an easier clean-up process, and the device comes with silicone suction cups that keep the mixer steady while in operation.

With all these amazing features, it is clear that this is one of the best stand mixers on the market. 


  • LED power indicator
  • 8-speed options
  • Splash guard to reduce mess
  • Tilt-head design for easy install of the bowl and accessories
  • Attachments including wire whip, dough hook, and flat beater


  • Smallest bowl on this list


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The final device on this list is the Cuisimax CMKM-150 stand mixer.

This device has the most powerful motor of all the mixers on this list with an 800W motor providing 3 different speed options ranging from a slow stir to a fast mix.

This device is perfect for a variety of recipes as it comes with a whisk, dough hook, and also a mixing beater which are easily secured to the shaft of the device. 

These attachments work with the device’s 5-quart stainless steel bowl to easily mix, stir, and knead your mixture making the baking process easier.


  • Powerful 800W motor
  • 3-speed options
  • Attachments including a whisk, dough hook, and mixing beater
  • Security feature to ensure the attachment is secure in the device’s shaft


  • No splash guard
  • Does not have a tilt-head design 

Best Affordable Stand Mixers Buying Guide

Whether you are a total beginner, a keen baker, or even a professional, there is one thing that everybody who bakes can agree on: a stand mixer makes it all easier.

You no longer have to worry about aching wrists and arms, or stirring relentlessly longing for the ingredients to just combine, now you can just sit back and relax while the machine does this tedious job for you.

There is such a variety of stand mixers available that it can be difficult to decide which one to buy, that’s why we have put together this helpful guide of things to watch out for and how to buy the stand mixer that is perfect for you. 

The Bowl

Perhaps the most important part of any stand mixer is the bowl, without the bowl, the stand mixer would be redundant and so a good bowl is very important. There are 2 main things you should consider when buying a stand mixer, in terms of the bowl, and that is capacity and material. 

The capacity is a vital consideration as this dictates how large a quantity of ingredients you can mix at any one given time. The standard size for a mixer bowl is between 4 and 5 liters, however, you can buy stand mixers with larger or smaller bowls.

The size that you require will depend on the tasks you wish to complete, for example, if you are preparing cupcakes for a kids birthday party with 100+ guests a larger bowl would be better as you could mix more batter in one go, whereas if you were baking a single batch of cupcakes as a treat a much smaller bowl would do the job.

Ultimately the importance of bowl size will come down to you, but if there is a chance you will have to complete a large bake at some point a bigger bowl might be a better choice. You should also consider that some stand mixers will come with multiple bowls in different sizes and whether or not this might be a good option for you. 

The other major thing to consider is the material of the bowl. Generally most stand mixers come with a stainless steel bowl as these are easy to produce, durable, and can be washed in the dishwasher which makes cleaning up easier for you.

However, stand mixers are also available with, for example, glass bowls which can make mixing easier as they allow you to see the contents of the bowl but are more prone to wear and tear and can be more difficult to clean.

When considering the material of the bowl it is important to consider your situation and what you value the most when it comes to baking. 

Functions and Speed

It is also important to consider the functions that the stand mixer offers and also the speed settings available to you. 

Different brands of stand mixer will be better catered to certain tasks, for example, one might be better at mixing cake batter while another might have features that make it better for kneading bread dough. You should consider all the different tasks you might complete with this mixer and what function you are likely to use the most and buy a stand mixer which is better designed for this function. 

The speed settings available on the stand mixer you buy are also very important as they have a direct effect on the tasks you can complete. Most stand mixers will include upwards of 5-speed settings, all of which will be better suited for mixing different ingredients.

Some recipes will require a slower process of mixing, while others can be combined at any speed meaning a faster mixer will allow you to mix your recipe quicker. Again, you must consider the different tasks you want to complete and buy a stand mixer that is better suited to them. 


Now it is time to talk about the thing that everybody hates the most about baking: the clean up afterward.

It is all fun and games until you put your mixture in the oven and suddenly notice the gigantic mess you have made of your kitchen: lumps of batter across the worktop, flour and sugar up your walls and a pile of dirty bowls that tower over you. We have all been there, and that is why it is so important to consider cleaning when buying a stand mixer.

Thankfully, the majority of stand mixers come with attachments that are dishwasher friendly, meaning you only have to hand wash some of the smaller more delicate pieces of the machine, making the cleanup process a lot easier. A lot of stand mixers now also come with a tilt-head design which makes it very easy to detach the different parts that require cleaning and allowing for an even smoother clean-up process. 


Finally, when buying a stand mixer you should consider the attachments that the device comes with or that it is compatible with.

Similarly, to the bowl, the attachments are also an essential part of the functioning of the stand mixer as they are the tools that actively mix, knead, or stir your ingredients. The majority of stand mixers will come with at least 3 attachments, with additional attachments usually available to buy separately. The most common attachments include:

  • A mixer blade which can be used for the majority of mixtures and is excellent for everyday use.
  • A dough hook which can be used to knead dough ready for bread, and also to stir heavy pastry mixes.
  • A balloon whisk which can be used to mix egg whites and creams for softer mixtures, such as meringues. 

Additionally, stand mixers also often come with a splash guard which can be used to contain the ingredients in the bowl and limit the mess caused to the surrounding area by the mixing process.

These basic attachments are good enough to use for the majority of tasks, however, if you have a very intricate recipe you wish to make it would be a good idea to research the best attachment for the job and buy a stand mixer accordingly.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use a stand mixer for?

A stand mixer is a great addition to any kitchen as it can be used for such a wide variety of tasks.

From the standard job of preparing cake mix or kneading dough to shredding chicken breast, making your own pasta, or even churning your own ice cream, a stand mixer can aid all manner of tasks. 

Is a stand mixer better than a hand mixer?

Generally speaking, yes a stand mixer is better than a hand mixer.

They are handsfree allowing you to complete other tasks while the machine mixes, have a lot more speed and power making them perfect for larger bakes, and come with different attachments that can be used for different purposes.

However, a stand mixer is not essential and there are a lot of tasks that a stand mixer completes which a hand mixer also could, it is just a matter of preference. 

What should I look for when buying a stand mixer?

The above buyer’s guide provides a lot of advice for the key things to look at when buying a stand mixer, but the main things to consider are your cooking needs, bowl size and material, speed settings and cleaning. 

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