Best Wooden Spoons for Cooking (2024 Top Rated)

In this article, we’ll not only review the best wooden spoons for cooking but also why it is best to use them while cooking.

Wooden kitchen spoons are ideal when it comes to cooking all over the globe. They are sturdy, reliable, and can withstand high and low temperatures while cooking. They will also not melt if you leave them on a hot pan, and they will stay for years to come.

Best Wooden Spoons for Cooking

These wooden spoons also do not have any toxic chemicals in them compared to other things in the market. Most wooden spoons are natural, while other kinds of spoons can introduce elements into your food when you use them while cooking.

These wooden spoons reviewed were based on how they were made, the Materials used in manufacturing them, size, weight, cost, and maintenance.

Quick Overview: Best Rated Wooden Spoons for Cooking

Editor’s choice → NAYAHOSE Kitchen Utensils Set, Wooden Cooking Set

This set is wonderfully crafted from high-quality original teak wood, it is also non-stick and non-toxic.

Best Bang For The Buck → Neet Wooden Spoons 6 Piece Organic Bamboo Utensil Set

Manufactured from organic bamboo, the Neet Utensil Kit is nonstick, stain-free, and odor-free

No products found.

Best For Scraping → Le Creuset Revolution Scraping Spoon

Le Creuset’s Revolution Scraping Spoon is particularly designed with a blunt end to scuff ingredients from the bottom of the pot when browning meats, sautéing veggies, or making gravy

Best For Mixing → OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Wooden Spoon Set

 These spoons are manufactured from solid beech wood and have firm, comfortable handles for any work in the kitchen. they are one of the best wooden spoon sets available.

Best Stylish → Scanwood Olive Wood Utensil Spatula Spoon Ladle Set

The olive wood material is healthy to use on nonstick surfaces without worrying about scratches.

Best Long Handle → Eddingtons Italian Olive Wood Cooking Spoon

This wooden spoon from Eddingtons features a long handle, making it a great choice for individuals intending to cook over high heat or mix ingredients in deep bowls. 

Honorable Mention → AIUHI Wooden Cooking Utensils

It is made from natural teak, this set is handcrafted, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. 

In-Depth Reviews: Top Rated Wooden Spoons for Cooking

1. Editor’s Choice → NAYAHOSE Wooden Cooking Utensil Set

The Nayahose Kitchen Utensils Set is wonderfully crafted from high-quality original teak wood. Tinted a beautiful chestnut red, this handcrafted kitchen set is highly heat resistant, non-stick, and non-toxic. Plus, they are eco-friendly as well as BPA-free.

Unlike most other cooking equipment, the Nayahose kitchen set does not easily keep fungus or bacteria due to its wooden quality. They are easy to clean as well. 


  • It is 100% handmade 
  • It has an ergonomic grip 
  • It is of premium quality 
  • It has an attractive design 


  • The length could be longer. 

2. Best for Mixing → OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Wooden Turner and 3-Piece Wooden Spoon Value Set

Oxo arrives in the clutch again with this wooden utensil set. These spoons are manufactured from solid beech wood and have firm, comfortable handles for any work in the kitchen.

Beechwood spoons have similar qualities when you compare them to bamboo wooden kitchen spoons. Many of them are made from a piece of beech wood and they last for the longest time. 

Also, this choice gives you a hanging hole for simple storage and the bamboo will help make this a lasting utensil in your kitchen.


  • It is safe for Non-Stick Cookware
  • They are large and comfortable Handles
  • It is made with beech wood
  • It has a natural oil finish


  • It is not dishwasher safe

3. Sur La Table Traditional Bamboo Spoon

This wooden spoon is manufactured from one single piece of bamboo. It is a very handy spoon you can use for a wide range of dishes. Whether it’s stir fry, scrambled eggs, pasta, etc., this is the ideal spoon for you.

There are two available sizes: 12 inches and 15 inches.

The 15-inch choice is nice to have if you’re cooking at a very hot temperature. This helps lessen your risk of getting a burn. Moreover, both options have a dangling hole at the top for effortless storage.

What is also necessary to note is this spoon does not have a layered finish. Adding laminated finishes lets chemicals be induced into your cooking.

Overall, bamboo spoons for cooking tend to stay longer than other kinds of wooden spoons. They are strong and do not absorb flavors or colors compared to similar types of wood.


  • It is made from bamboo
  • It comes in two sizes
  • It has a hanging Hole for Easy Storage
  • It has a natural Finish


  • It is not dishwasher safe

4. AIUHI Teak Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set

The Aiuhi Utensil Set is celebrated for its impressive non-stick feature. Made from natural teak, this set is handcrafted, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. As it is made without any coating, chemicals, and the likes that won’t leach into your meal, making it a safe and healthy option for you and your family. 

This set of utensils is available in either a pack of eight or nine spoons, which is more than enough to meet most of your daily cooking needs. 

Each piece of equipment is carefully smoothed and glazed to perfection, so you won’t have to bother about splinters, dents, or tiny gaps. Burnished up to about three times, this set is incredibly silky and satiny. 


  • It is sturdy and durable 
  • It is beautifully crafted 
  • It is easy to hold 


  • It may absorb odor 

5. XDOWMOADT Wooden Cooking Utensil Set

If you’re looking for a set that has everything, you’ll like the XDOWMO Wooden Utensils Pack. This set has a sum of 10 different tools with unique designs. It even comes with a whisk, salad fork, and spaghetti server, all of which do not typically come in a regular kitchen equipment kit. 

The XDOWMO pack is made from nature-friendly teak wood, which is not only strong but also stain and odor-resistant. Plus, it’s stunning! 


  • It can withstand extreme heat 
  • It is strong and durable 
  • It has a great handhold feeling


  • It is pricey

6. Neet Organic Bamboo Wooden Spoons For Cooking

The Neet Kitchen Utensil Kit is an exceptional starter set for those looking for an inexpensive yet high-quality wooden utensil. This set arrives with five wood spoons that serve various purposes, whether it be flipping, mixing, or serving. It also arrives with a beautiful wooden matching case. 

Manufactured from organic bamboo, the Neet Utensil Kit is nonstick, stain-free, and odor-free. As bamboo naturally resists moisture and mold, bacteria won’t ever be a problem with these tools. If that is not enough, Neet offers a lifetime guarantee on its commodities to afford you peace of mind when it comes to quality. 


  • It has a great design  
  • It has no glues or binders 
  • It is exceptionally lightweight 


  • It is not the smoothest finish

7. Riveira Bamboo Wooden Utensils

The Riveira Wooden Spoons Set is a great option for budget-conscious people. Similar to the Neet set, Riveira is also manufactured with natural bamboo. Polished to perfection, these utensils are gentle enough to hinder you from scratching your cooking equipment but still be utilized to flip the steak and stir clumpy pasta. They are lightweight, too, which is a great plus! 


  • It is BPA-free 
  • It is a comfortable handle 
  • Big bang for your buck 


  • It is not the most attractive design.

8. Tramanto Olive Wood Utensil Set

If you are looking for a wooden set that does not absorb odor, this set is made for you. The Tramanto Utensil Set is made of pure olive wood, which doesn’t soak up liquids, bad odors, or bacteria. Furthermore, these equipments can be washed multiple times without worrying about cracks and splinters. 

The Tramanto set consists of five lovely wooden utensils, including a flat spatula, curved spatula, slotted spatula, spoon, and corner spoon. Each utensil is handcrafted, polished, and lustrous, with natural veins that make it look like a true work of art. 


  • It has a beautiful design. 
  • It is free from volatile compounds.
  • It is made of high-quality wood. 


  • It can’t be washed in a dishwasher.

9. Tmkit Healthy Cooking Utensils Set

The Tmkit Wooden Cooking Tools is another outstanding set made with natural teak wood. They are available in a set of five or six. This wooden utensil kit is ergonomic, perfectly polished, and exceptionally durable. Also, it comes with a wooden storage cylinder made of the same wood used for the utensils, a pleasant addition to an already gorgeous set. 


  • It is strong and sturdy 
  • It is easy to wash
  • It has great quality 


  • It might be too small for some

10. Best for Scraping: Le Creuset Revolution Scraping Spoon

Le Creuset’s Revolution Scraping Spoon is particularly designed with a blunt end to scuff ingredients from the bottom of the pot when browning meats, sautéing veggies, or making gravy. The scraping spoon is made of beechwood, a sturdy wood that’s also soft enough to use on nonstick pans and pans or other surfaces that easily scratch.

The spoon’s handle has an oblong shape that makes it simple and comfortable to grip while also providing a nonslip grip. An eyelet is blended into the design of the scuffing spoon for hanging. The beechwood resists taking in flavors and odors, and it can be easily washed by hand-washing.


  • It is elliptical shape handle provides a comfortable, slip-free grip
  • It is resistant to odor and flavor absorption
  • It washes easily by hand
  • Elliptical easy-grip handle
  • Hanging eyelet


  • It is lightweight

11. Scanwood Olive Wood Utensil Spatula Spoon Ladle Set

People looking for both style and purpose should consider this three-piece olive wood equipment set from Scanwood. The set includes a wooden spoon, spatula, and ladle. Each piece is handmade in Denmark and has a mild golden-brown color with a natural grain pattern. The spatula is one of the best wood spatulas for a chef.

Use these wooden pieces for cooking, or take them to the table as fashionable serving pieces. The things in this set are sustainably sourced, and they have a zero carbon footprint. They are also manufactured from a single piece of wood to ensure sustainability. The olive wood material is healthy to use on nonstick surfaces without worrying about scratches.


  • It is made from olive wood
  • It is durable
  • It is eco-friendly
  • It will not scratch the cookware surface
  • It has a warm natural finishes


  • It may chip or break while in use.

12. Eddingtons Italian Olive Wood Cooking Spoon

This wooden spoon from Eddingtons features a long handle, making it a great choice for individuals intending to cook over high heat or mix ingredients in deep bowls. The handle is also curved to ensure comfort and reduce fatigue when sautéing or mixing.

The spoon is made from properly sourced Italian olive wood. This material makes it sturdy and durable while also keeping it light for comfortable use. It will not scratch the nonstick or other more delicate surfaces. The manufacturer suggests hand-washing this spoon to preserve its finish and prolong its lifespan. They also suggest covering it with mineral oil to maintain the look of the olive wood.


  • It doesn’t splinter
  • The color doesn’t fade
  • It is sturdy
  • It doesn’t pick up odor and smell


  • It could have a bad smell

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Wooden Spoons

When comparing the best wooden cooking utensils, ensure you take certain options and features into consideration. These include the wood type, handle, finish, and head designs, ease of washing, and whether an individual spoon or kitchen equipment set is preferable.

1. Wood Type and Finish

Wooden spoons are made from a range of wood types. The species of wood can change the overall quality, sturdiness, and price of the spoon. Pine wood is typically used to prepare less expensive wooden spoons, but they are not as durable as other options and can break more easily. A pine spoon may also convey a piney taste to foods during the first few uses.

Maple, olive, cherry, and beech hardwood spoons are very sturdy and less likely to break than pine models. Spoons produced from these materials are likely to stay a long time. Bamboo is another durable material used to make wooden spoons. In addition to being lasting, bamboo spoons offer an eco-friendly option since bamboo is a renewable resource.

While considering the type of wood used to produce a wooden spoon, also have in mind the spoon’s finish. Some wooden spoons are scoured down to make them very burnished, while others may have a coarse, more natural finish. Some producers preseason their wooden spoons to make them appear smoother and increase their lifespan.

2. Handle

The style of a wooden spoon’s handle is also necessary. Finding a handle that’s easy to grip and reduces arm stress while mixing ingredients will guarantee the spoon satisfied the user’s needs. One key item to consider is the length of the handle. A wooden spoon with a longer handle may be the right option to use with deep mixing bowls or when cooking over high heat.

The thickness and form of the handle should also be looked at, as these features will affect how firm a grip the user can be on the spoon and how easy it will be to hold. Some wooden spoons have a flat handle, while others have a circular handle; when shopping, consider which will feel the most convenient.

Finally, decide whether a handle with hanging rings is desirable. This design spec will come in handy for hanging the wooden spoon on a loop rather than storing it in a kitchen drawer or kitchen tool holder.

3. Head Design 

Next, examine the head design of each wooden spoon. The length, depth, width, and overall shape of a wooden spoon’s head will affect its performance in the kitchen; some styles are better suited to different tasks such as scraping, mixing, or scooping. Look for a wooden spoon with a head thick enough to easily move ingredients around without being so thick that it would make it too hard to mix with the spoon.

The depth of the spoon will also decide whether it is able to hold liquids for scooping or tasting. Some wooden spoons have special design features, such as an uneven point on one end of the spoon. These spoons often referred to as corner spoons, are specifically made to reach the end of the pan to ensure uniform mixing of all ingredients.

3. Individual vs. Set 

Wooden spoons could be sold individually or as part of a wooden utensil set. A wooden utensil set may comprise wooden spoons of various sizes as well as other equipment, like slotted spoons, ladles, spatulas, and scrapers. Picking a wooden utensil set over an individual wooden spoon will depend on whether the different pieces of a set will satisfy the user’s cooking needs.

4. Cleaning and Maintenance

Finally, check how easy it will be to clean and keep each wooden spoon. Many manufacturers advise hand-washing wooden spoons to preserve their finish and extend their shelf life, but some models might be dishwasher safe.

Greasing a wooden spoon with food-safe oil is also necessary. This will create a barrier to shield the spoon from heat damage and blemishes. It also works to lock in dampness and keep the wood from getting too fragile. Unless the manufacturer offers various oiling instructions, aim to oil a wooden spoon once every few weeks.

Types of Wooden Spoons

1. Basic

When choosing a basic wooden spoon, consider whether you need a shallow or deep bowl. Shallow spoon bowls are best suited for cooking when you have to take a quick taste or slurp your recipe. Deeper spoon bowls are best for serving when you want to scoop up a part of the food.

Slotted: Slotted wooden spoons have slotted openings or holes in the bowl so that fluids can drain through. These are designed for scooping up meat, veggies, or other solid meal without taking any liquid with them. Slotted spoons are handy for both serving and cooking.

2. Scraper

Wooden spoons usually have round edges, but some feature a flat and sharp edge to help you scrape food bits from the bottom or side of a pan, almost like a spatula. These hybrid designs also come with a bowl and usually a rounded edge, so they can still serve as spoons.

Best Types of Wood for Wooden Cooking Spoons

Pine is the least pricey and least durable kind of wood used. Pine wooden spoons may also give your food a “piney” taste at first, which disperses overuse.

1. Bamboo is an environment-friendly material due to its sustainability. Because it’s a renewable resource, bamboo spoons are affordable. They’re also a durable choice.

2. Hardwood like maple, beech, cherry, or olive makes for a higher-quality spoon. Because these woods are harder than pine, they last longer and are less likely to crack.

Why Use a Wooden Spoon for Cooking?

1. They Don’t Scratch

Wooden spoons don’t scratch non-stick pans or leave marks on similar copper pots. This makes them a great choice to have when cooking dishes like risotto, stir fry, scrambled eggs, etc.

2. They’re “Warm”

When you place a wooden spoon into a temperature-receptive recipe, it will not upset the current mixture and result in crystallization. They also are not heat conductive. This means they do not draw heat out of your dish, and they will not hurt your hand.

3. They’re Strong

Wooden spoons are strong enough to help cook stews and mix batters. Many other types of wooden spoons can bend because they are of less quality. They are also sturdy enough to scrape up burnt bits at the bottom of pans after your cooking session.

4. Heat Resistant

Wooden spoons will not alter when cooking at high temperatures or when you leave them in a pot untended. They may still burn but even burned wooden spoons are convenient compared to a similar nylon competitor. When nylon or different kinds of plastic burn, they can discharge chemicals into the foods you make.

5. Recipe Safe

Metal spoons can mix with acidic foods and affect the taste of your dish. Examples of acidic foods are tomato sauce and lemon curds. Wooden spoons do not alter the flavors of your food, and they are less likely to absorb flavors over time.

Are Wooden Spoons Sanitary?

For ages, people have been cooking with wooden spoons. People began to stop using them during the 1990s when questions about bacteria began to rise. Research then told us cooking with wooden pieces of equipment could lead to bacteria growth on these utensils over time.

This is partly true. If you do not take care of your wooden spoons properly, you will run the risk of bacteria or mold forming on them. This is especially correct if your wooden spoon starts cracking due to extreme temperature exposure or old age.

The easiest way to damage your wooden spoon is to toss it in the dishwasher. The heat cycles on dishwashers are infamous for damaging all kinds of wooden cooking utensils.

So, although wooden spoons are durable and handy, they do come with some cautions. In order to avoid these, you must care for your spoons in the proper manner.

Techniques on how to properly cleanse and disinfect your wooden cooking utensils:

1. Hand wash

After cooking with a wooden spoon, you need to wash it as soon as possible with warm foamy water. Preferably with gentle dish soap. Then pat dry it with a dishcloth and let it air dry.

Never let your wooden wares sit in water for too long before washing. The spoon will begin to soak up water, causing it to expand. Then it will start to shrink once it starts to dry. This process can cause cracks and decrease the lifespan of the spoon.

2. The Lemon Method

If your wooden spoon has spots and soapy water isn’t removing it, it may be time to use some salt. Once you rinse with warm soap water, pour salt onto your wooden spoon. Next, you will scrub with a half-cut lemon.

This combination helps eliminate stubborn stains, and it keeps your wooden cooking wares smelling fresh. Once you’re done scrubbing is complete, rinse with water and pat dry.

If a stain still remains, it does not necessarily mean it is dirty. Stubborn stains will still fade away.

3. Oil

Oiling your wooden spoons with oil can extend their lifespan. A quick rub down once in a while can keep it safe.

FAQs: Best Rated Wooden Spoons for Cooking

What Type of Wood Is Best for Cooking Utensils?

The best kind of wood for kitchen utensils is hardwoods, as they have the right weight and are naturally strong. The best wood cooking utensils can be carved from different wood types like cherry,  black walnut, soft maple, and poplar. You can also use other woods like the Osage orange, tallow tree, mesquite, or even pecan.

Is It Better to Cook with Wooden Spoons?

Research advises wooden spoons are safe to use for cooking in your kitchen. Yes, wood is permeable, and it may draw in liquids and oils from the meal you’re cooking. The best way to remove bacteria from the surface of a spoon is to wash it after making it with soap and hot water, whether wooden or otherwise.

Why Is There a Hole in the Wooden Spoon?

The main reason wooden cooking spoons have a single hole or slots is to let liquid pass through the spoon while holding on to large chunks of solids in the soup. It is a stirring spoon. Liquids can pass through the hole easily, and it is meant to help combine ingredients more evenly.

When Should You Throw Away Wooden Spoons?

Though their ability to hinder the spread of germs means wood products are more reliable to use over a longer period of time than their plastic equivalents, they don’t last forever. You can tell it is time to toss your wooden utensils and cutting boards as soon as cracks begin to appear.

How Do You Sanitize Wooden Spoons?

The best way to cleanse a wooden spoon for longevity is to wash it with warm water and soap quickly after every use, then pat it dry with a clean dishcloth and then let it air dry and put it away. Another option is to use a diluted bleach solution to sanitize wooden spoons.

Which Is Better Bamboo or Beech Wood?

A bamboo cutting board is a way harder option than a good-quality wood board. Maple or Beech wood boards have a small amount of self-healing capacity, ensuring that the surface does not get heavily scratched. There are still more cuts and scratches on wood boards than bamboo. This is a double-edged sword, however.

Final Words: Best Wooden Spoons for Cooking

There are many wooden spoon choices to choose from when shopping. As of now, we believe these are the best and most affordable wooden spoons on the market. 

If you settle for cheaper picks, many times, you get what you pay for. Sometimes merchants cut corners and use substances that defeat the purpose of producing these.

Always read your product descriptions before you purchase something. Whether it is food or household commodities, reading labels can assist you in the long run.

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