Boring Legal Stuff

I’m going to try and make this as short and sweet as possible, because nobody likes the BORING LEGAL STUFF. All written posts and photographs were developed by me, Kerry Patrick, unless otherwise stated and are copyrighted works. To use my work as your own or to not give proper credit where credit is due can result in highly-educated guys in suits to come by and blast you with phasers that steal money from your pocket. DON’T LET THESE GUYS WIN.


Photographs: There are a lot of bloggers that get upset when their photography is used on another blogger’s site. I’m not one of those bloggers. All photographs on Y& are my own unless otherwise stated and are copyrighted, but if you wish to use one of my photographs on your personal site, please do! I just ask that you provide proper credit and a link back to my blog. It’s the nice thing to do, and I’ll give you a high five for being so kind to acquiesce. If you would like to use my photographs for commercial use then please follow this friendly little link to the Hire Me! page where we can discuss this further.


Copying my full blog posts to your blog: Please, just don’t do it. To copy full written works or claim them as your own is copyright infringement and is very serious legal matter, which sounds all shades of boring. However, you are free to reference my writing and copy excerpts to your site, but please be sure to give me credit with a link leading back to my blog. It’s the nice thing to do.


Using my recipes on your blog: GO FOR IT. That’s why I create them, to be shared and used! But again, recipe instructions are copyrighted works so I just please ask that you credit me if you do use them.


Whew, I’m glad that’s over. I’m an easy-going guy and really just want everyone to be my friend, so please follow these simple rules and email if you have any questions. If I have to send a sternly written note because my work was stolen, it’s going to make me die a little inside. Please don’t let me die inside.