How to Cut Brownies Cleanly

Brownies are the classic home bake, suitable for novices and experts alike. The gooey, sumptuous, indulgent chocolate centre is irresistible and it’s a battle to resist the urge to dive in with a spoon when they’re warm from the oven. If you can wait until they are cooled, it is always a struggle to cut the

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How To Thin Candy Melts

Candy Melts are a perfect edition to lots of our favorite sweet treats.A cake pop is not complete without a brightly colored coating of that sweet glossy liquid. Your handmade candies and chocolate bark won’t be finished without vibrant drizzles of melted heaven.You can use these colorful little candies for everything, from pretzels and lollipops,

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How To Fix Dry Cookie Dough

Picture this: You’ve spent the whole day looking forward to baking some delicious cookies. Maybe you are trying out a wonderful new cookie recipe you have found, or maybe you’ve used a trusted family favorite recipe. You’ve labored over getting the ingredients together and mixing them into a delicious dough, only to find that when

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