Below are a few services I offer, all of which have pricing structures that can be discussed in detail depending upon the scope work.




Writing: It’s why I’m here, it’s what I do! Do you need a well-written objective review of kitchen gadgets, food events, new restaurants, or someone to write up a detailed explanation regarding the culinary wonders of uni? You’ve come to the right place. My writing voice can be classified as humorous/informative and I am able to write and adjust content for various audiences. Whatever your food writing needs, I’m your guy!


Photography: I offer personalized services to photograph food, restaurants and events. Additionally, current photographs on Y& are available to be purchased for commercial use with the following caveat: all photographs on Y& are my own work and are copyrighted, however they are available for commercial use and a very fair pricing structure with terms of use can be provided for each. It is free for use on non-commercial private sites (blogs, personal sites that are not monetizing the use of my photographs, etc.), but I do require that you give proper credit with a link back to Y& Please review the Boring Legal Stuff page if you wish to use one of my photographs on your site.


Recipe development/testing: Some may say I’m neurotic, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting perfection. Nothing bothers me more than trying out a recipe and having it flop because it hasn’t been properly tested or there are pertinent steps/ingredients left out. It’s bad form and a sure-fire way of tarnishing your credibility. LET ME SAVE YOU FROM THIS NIGHTMARE. I am available to either develop recipes for your brand or test your already developed recipes to ensure their workability and ease of interpretation for the everyday home cook.


If you want to send me products to review on Y& please do! I happily accept products, gadgets and food items for review and/or giveaway. However, I cannot promise that I will provide a glowing review to send droves of consumers busting down your door. What I can promise is an honest, well-written mostly objective review of each product from my own personal use, if it is a product I can stand by (unless I REALLY love it in which case I will probably start writing its name all over my notebook in a swirly font with hearts above the “I”s).  If it’s not a good product I will probably not write about it. And then return it to you after having set it on fire.


If there are any questions about these services or if you would like to discuss a job in more detail including discussing any services not currently listed, please email with SERVICE INQUIRY in the subject line.