Yum and Yummer: Origins

My name is Kerry Patrick.  Welcome!


That's me!


If there’s one thing most people know about me, it’s that I love food, and I love to cook.

Like, a lot.

In terms of cooking, I used to be bad at it.  Horrible, in fact.  I used to think I hated cooking, but it turns out I just hated the dishes that came with cooking.  My days of creating inedible abominations have long passed, and I’ve since learned a thing or two about kitchen wizardry.

To take things a little further, I would say I have near-sexual inclinations toward good eats.  Nothing vulgar, really, but some tastes and smells just really know how to push my buttons.

It’s no secret that food has a way of seducing the devourer almost immediately and entirely.  There’s a perfectly valid reason why it’s claimed that the way to snag a mate is to get in the kitchen and fill his or her belly: because it’s all true!

Food has transcended from being solely meant for sustenance, to developing into a full-fledged source of entertainment and pleasure by cultures everywhere.  And this isn’t a new development that happened within the last few centuries, either.  Do you remember a little slice of history dating back to Ancient Rome, and certain extracurricular activities the rich Roman folk partook in?  I’ll give you a hint: it involved lots of prostitutes and massive banquets, and was fantastic.

The point of this intro is to express to you, dear reader, that I truly love food.  Perhaps not with as much fervor as our Ancient Roman friends, but I have enough gusto for gastronomy to almost get down with those laurel crown donning party monsters.

Through this blog i hope to share with you my culinary adventures, nutrition-based facts, food-centric anecdotes and a little bit of humor to boot.

Please say you’ll stay a while, and I hope you enjoy this adventure as much as I’ll enjoy sharing it with you!